Rayco Batista Diaz

Rayco Batista Diaz

Using Artificial Intelligence and Data Science for human-computer interaction and user journey problems

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About me

Passionate about technology and building products.

From the technology angle I have my focus in two areas. To apply artificial intelligence and data science to human-computer interaction, UX and user journey problems. And second, to work with optimisation, algorithms and parallel computing.

Regarding building products my centre of attention is on development (software, architecture, scalability, usability) and technical leadership, from start-ups to enterprise level projects.

Problem solver == Mix of creativity and knowledge.


Bringing together user behaviour in digital interfaces and buying experience in predictive models with artificial intelligence, deep learning and solution discovery with metaheuristics and genetic algorithms.
R, Python, Hadoop, C++.

Advocate of agile methodologies and certified Scrum Master, I have been leading dev teams and product deliveries from startups to top forbes international companies.

Other areas of expertise I am involved are product development (software, architecture, scalability, usability), algorithms, network security and parallel computing.
Java, Spring, MySql, Redis.

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Some of my work.


Optimization tool and CRM that increase sales online using predictive buying models trough artificial intelligence and data science

Life Tracking

Workday offers enterprise-level on-demand (cloud based) software solutions for financial management, human resources, planning and analytics


Cryptocurrency assets management and analytic tool based on social influence and international market fluctuations.


Web and Mobile solution for real time management of workforces and instant billing, using geolocation, biometric information ...

Life Tracking

Real time monitoring of emergency group forces (firefighters, soldiers ...) for coordination and management in emergency situations, with embedded and smartwatches


Big data analysis of bank transactions and social variables to recommend areas that match with your life style.

Task In TIme
Task In Time

Wearable and server application that synchronize and assign task among a group of workers (doctors ...)


Real time mobile app to find people, offers and events around the user geolocation targeting the notifications based on the behaviour of the user.

Genetic METCO
Genetic METCO

Research and development of a software to execute Genetic Algorithms and metaheuristics in many core machines. Read Scientific paper